If you go out of your way to make you happy, it's a pizza.


  • New and renovated room with 35 seats
  • Air-conditioned room
  • Outdoor space on the terrace
  • Children menu
  • Gluten Free Products
  • Take Away

There are those who prefer thin and crunchy, those with thick tomato, basil and mozzarella, who instead loves it with special ingredients. Pizza is a temptation that few can resist, is the dish that every Italian researches abroad and what every foreigner looks for in Italy.

New and completely renovated, the pizzeria Anita is born to satisfy the palates that can not renounce the pleasure of one of the most delicious dishes; you love Italian cuisine. Our structure welcomes its guests in an elegant and refined atmosphere. A place to meet and spend an evening in joy in the company of friends or family.

Why taste our pizza? The choice of raw materials, cooking, strictly in a wood oven, and a long leavening, make the taste of our pizza unmistakable. In our restaurant there are pizzas for all tastes: from traditional to most; tasty, without forgetting the vegetarian and celiac variants.

Do not you have anything ready at home for dinner? You have a sudden hunger attack and the fridge is empty? We have the solution. Come and visit us.

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Pizza is one of the most loved and imitated dishes in the world, a symbol of Made in Italy and Neapolitan cuisine, recently declared a world heritage by UNESCO. There are many theories about its origins, the most common and most accredited, is that pizza is actually a revisitation of the ancient recipe of Pinsa Romana.

When it appeared for the first time on the market, the Pinsa Romana immediately aroused curiosity and interest. It appears, at first glance, as a sort of focaccia with an elongated shape and a little flattened, compared to the classic version of pizza that we all know. In addition to its appearance, it is characterized by its method of preparation, consisting of three different flours in different percentages: wheat, soy and rice. The flour is kneaded strictly with cold water, and then left to stand in leavening for 24 to 72 hours. A pizza of a whole other pasta: light, soft, hypocaloric but above all digestible.

The Pinsa Romana boasts very distant origins, dating back to Imperial Rome, when the most humble bands of the population tried to secure the benevolence of the divine with offers and gifts in nature. As evidence of his seniority, there is a passage of the Eneide, in which Virgil mentions it as one of the main methods used by the Romans to serve and accompany some foods, in particular the so-called "dripping meat with sauce". Always the same author, the appointment as the first meal of Aeneas as soon as we disembarked at Lavinio.

Dimenticata per secoli, è tornata in voga negli ultimi anni grazie al recupero dell'antica ricetta e al diffondersi, sempre crescente, di "pinserie" sia in Italia che al'estero.

La stanchezza della settimana comincia a farsi sentire? Hai mille impegni e zero voglia di cucinare? Vieni a mangiare la nostra Pinsa Romana, prenota subito il tuo tavolo.

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